FRENZIS GROUP Ltd. was founded in 2007 as a merger of Swiss-German Freespring AG and Swiss-French Emeris Partners SA, and was further expanded in 2009, when Italy-based Lenz S.p.A. joined the Group. Today the Frenzis Group is a 100% Swiss company.

Lenz was founded in 1934 with the aim of representing Swiss textile industries in Italy. Lenz has been successfully collaborating with Hörauf since the 1960s, a leading manufacturer of machinery for book covers, paper cups and carton containers for food and beverages. In 1998 Lenz established a partnership with German-based Frei to satisfy the growing demand of textile companies for integrated automation and process control systems. This partnership led to the founding of Freespring.

The members of Emeris Partners began with scientific translations thirty years ago, but have since continued to develop their translation services by expanding into other subject areas and languages. Their integration in the Frenzis Group with its international multilingual environment has brought a new dynamic to the entire Group. By taking over Freespring and assuming Lenz, the Frenzis Group has been able to carry on the 75-year-old Lenz textile tradition while offering new services throughout the world, thanks to its collective expertise resulting from its close cooperation with Hörauf.

Frenzis Group