The FRENZIS GROUP's Language Services unit can address all your multilingual communication needs, e.g. translating or editing your documents and turning them into a professional product.

Originally specialising in scientific translations, we are now able to offer you translation and editing services in a number of different areas including public administration, banking and finance, insurance, law, medicine, pharmacology and public relations to name only a few.

Our translators are all native speakers and have a sound working knowledge of the subject matter and terminology of the various specialist areas they cover. Their work is aided by advanced translation and terminology management tools.

Providing quality and prompt service is our mission, and a crucial element of our success since our founding 30 years ago. Yet the decisive factor has always been the personal and long-standing relationships with our clients, a key prerequisite enabling us to get to know their terminology and their individual style. Result: we are always able to produce bespoke translations that specifically address the intended target audience.