The centering of spindles is not a problem any more!
With the pocket-sized, easy-to-handle
Center-P+, it can be carried out:






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The centering of spindles and rings has always been a problem in spinning mills.
Luckily, there's usually a colleague with an expert eye to help you, but today you
can also count on Center-P+.
  • For centering spindles on ring-spinning machines
  • Works with battery, needs no mains current, hence no awkward cables
  • Works directly on the spindle, no special adapter needed
  • Designed for 16 mm to 18 mm spindle diameters
  • Available for 36 mm to 54 mm ring diameters
  • Centering accuracy: ± 0,1 mm
  • Spring-loaded chuck jaws ensure play-free, fit-on ring, irrespective of ring tolerances
  • Open construction, can be placed over the spindle from the side, hence no obstruction from thread guide or balloon control ring
  • Ring traveller can remain on the ring for centering
  • Inductive sensors around the ring periphery measure the distance to the spindle
  • Microcontroller-operated LED display shows the direction of adjustmentand the centre point
  • Interchangeable ring adapters allow use on different ring diameters
  • Center-P+ spindle centre pointer with a ring adapter
  • Battery pack with cable
  • Battery charger with charging cable
  • Attractive carrying case
  • Spindle diameter: from 16 mm to 18 mm
  • Ring diameter: from 36 mm to 54 mm
  • Power supply: 4,8 V - 3 Ah accumulator
  • Charger: 100/240 V - 4,8 V